It is never too early or late to invest in making your data stack scalable, and Simo’s the one to get you there. Highly recommend!

Over the past three years, as our company scaled rapidly – so did the demand for rapid data driven insights from all departments. While modern ETL tools, Data Warehouses & Analytics platforms allowed us to keep pace with this increased demand – we quickly hit scalability issues with undocumented / siloed schemas and SQL models and realized we really need to course correct.


Not knowing where to start, we connected with Simo via the DBT community – and were immediately wowed by his immense knowledge of the DBT framework. Simo not only took on our initial project, he continuously trained our team and over the course of a couple of months helped our team mature from a free for all SQL shop to one with a structured DBT workflow. Simo continues to help us by directly developing some of our most complex data models with a keen attention to accuracy and detail, but also by sharing best practices and performing peer reviews with the goal of getting the team to be self reliant. This honest, education driven approach really sets Simo apart from other consultants I’ve worked with.

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