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Simo Tumelius

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I'm a hands-on data consultant and I work globally to build up analytics capabilities within organizations. My mission is to help data teams succeed by helping them build fully automated analytics environments and training them to put them in the driver's seat in their own data ecosystem.

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Tony Senanayake
Fortify Health

Simo has been working with us at Fortify Health as a data engineering consultant since 2023, and his support has been transformative. He helped us create a high-quality data pipeline that automates the flow of data from our source systems, analysing and visualizing it for both our team and the public. This has enabled real-time, data-driven decision-making across our organization. Simo's pragmatism, responsiveness, and capacity-building efforts have been invaluable. We highly recommend working with Simo to elevate your organization's data capabilities.

Ilkka Keskiväli
Director of Advanced Analytics

Back in 2019, we began developing marketing reporting automation for one of our largest clients. Thanks to this initial pilot, we recognized a strong business potential in reporting automation and created an entirely new service, Datacron®. Simo has been involved in developing our service from the start and has also enhanced the skills of our growing team year by year by acting as a mentor. Simo's work methods, patience, and expertise are continually praised by the team, and he remains an essential part of our development work moving forward.

Fabian Jaehn
Chief Data Officer

Back in 2019, we decided to modernize our data architecture from ground up and adopt the modern data stack. At about the same time, we started our cooperation with Simo who helped us with data ingestion via custom data pipelines, Snowflake and dbt setup, and training of our own developers. We always had the impression that Simo is on top of the game when it comes to communicating and implementing new features in our tool set and on general trends in the data sphere. Additionally, Simo has a very structured way of working. This is also reflected in the clean setup of our dbt projects and other workflows. Simo works according to best practices and builds future-proof solutions in cooperation with the core team and other stakeholders in the company. I wholeheartedly recommend Simo and have no doubt his work will give great value to your data projects.

We used to have most of our analytics in Excels which eventually became a bottleneck for our product development. Simo helped us automate these processes by designing and implementing a data infrastructure tailor-made for our needs. Furthermore, he trained our product development team with no previous data processing experience so that they could understand and independently make use of our new analytics capabilities. Now we can handle large amounts of data in an automated manner which has accelerated our product development efforts and improved our decision making. We are really happy with the services of Simo and will definitely continue our collaboration!

Varun Rishi
Senior Director of Analytics, Insights & MIS

Over the past three years, as our company scaled rapidly – so did the demand for rapid data driven insights from all departments. While modern ETL tools, Data Warehouses & Analytics platforms allowed us to keep pace with this increased demand – we quickly hit scalability issues with undocumented / siloed schemas and SQL models and realized we really need to correct course. Not knowing where to start, we connected with Simo via the dbt community – and were immediately impressed by his knowledge of the dbt framework. Simo not only took on our initial project, he continuously trained our team and over the course of a couple of months helped our team mature from a free for all SQL shop to one with a structured dbt workflow. Simo continues to help us by directly developing some of our most complex data models with a keen attention to accuracy and detail, but also by sharing best practices and performing peer reviews with the goal of getting the team to be self reliant. This honest, education driven approach really sets Simo apart from other consultants I’ve worked with.


Data engineering

Making data flow seamlessly between your systems
Data engineers are the backend engineers of the data world. We take care of the data infrastructure and make sure that the data is flowing so that data analysts and scientists can focus on what they do best.

Analytics engineering

Transforming and ensuring the quality of your data to deliver numbers that your users can trust
Analytics engineering is an emerging discipline in the data world. Analytics engineers bridge the gap between data engineers and data analysts; data engineers move data from various systems to the data warehouse and analytics engineers then take that data, clean it and provide it for end users to consume.


Empowering your data team with the skills required for long-term success
We all have our strengths – and that’s a good thing! But sometimes you need specific skills and experience to take things to the next level. Let me help your team get there.

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