Effective Giving

My Pledge


Since I started out as a freelancer my plan has been to begin donating a proportion of my income to charitable causes once I reach financial security (i.e., mortgage paid off). However, the on-going pandemic and the current Russian invasion of Ukraine with all the uncertainties and unrest they entail have made me realise that I may never reach a state of complete financial security. So instead of standing by idly while the alarm bells are sounding throughout Europe and the rest of the world I’ve decided that there’s no better time than now to start donating. Therefore, in the spirit of the Giving What We Can Pledge, I’m making the following pledge:

I recognise that I can use part of my income to do a significant amount of good. Since I can manage with smaller income, I pledge that from 2022-01-01 forward I shall give at least 10% (ten percent) of my company’s revenue to whichever organisations can most effectively use it to improve the lives of others, now and in the years to come. I make this pledge freely, openly, and sincerely.